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Marik Berghs

Marik has one foot in the real world and the other... well the jury's still out on that.  Like many people, she reads where her interests take her and that could be in any genre or several at once. She also reads a lot of non-fiction, because if you don't read you can't write, right?

Marik is part artist and part writer, which can slow her down because she visualizes her characters so strongly that she must create them in more than words. She often flips between one way of seeing to another which makes for a full and rich reading  experience when enjoying her work.  

Marik loves folklore, cultural traditions, and the weird ways people create taboo and prejudice. She hopes to offer her readers an immersive adventure in the fantasy world of Sanctuary through The Fae Wars series.

Marik Berghs holding small dog
Marik Berghs holding small dog

Jessica McBrayer

Jessica McBrayer lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family. She enjoys reading voraciously as well as writing and is often daydreaming about her next book. A die-hard San Jose Sharks fan, you can find her during hockey season wearing her favorite player's name on the back of her jersey and yelling at the TV. She never wants to find out what the world would be like without hockey in it. 

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Don't miss Jessica's new series, Savannah Heat, a hockey romance chock-full of hunky men, the women that steal their hearts, and all the best feels. 

Jessica McBrayer hands on coffee mug
Jessica McBrayer hands on coffee mug