Publishing Paranormal, Contemporary, and Fantasy Romance

As publishers, Mess of Geckos Publishing requires magic. Whether a book is about paranormal creatures, mythic entities or the transforming power of love—It must have a touch of that elusive quality-— something that is seems beyond our control, but a force  demanded from within, Many of our books have a suspense, mystery , or  universal obstacle to overcome,  but have to deliver A  Happily Ever As a publisher, we require magic. 

We don't care how you find your stories, but reading is our preferred method. Nothing replaces the pictures in your mind when you read a good book. Indie publishing has opened a door to thousands of new writers, some who would have been bettered winnowed by traditional publishers, but many who want control of their books and through indie publishing can publish and release books much faster than traditional publishing allows.  So while we advise "buyer beware" you need to pick your books with care, we also say there has been no better time in history to find the kind of books you want to read. 

Books are our business because reading is our passion.

The first thing you notice about book people is their need to read. Some want to feel the paper beneath their fingers, flip back and forth to a particular passage, or have an appreciation of the printing craft. Others want their reading material ready, they want to transport it anywhere, and when they finish one book want another immediately available. Electronic reading devices provide instant access to their entire library. We support both, we have shelves of books that are out of print or specific to our research needs, and we own several readers with thousands of books available. Our books require one thing: a great story.

There probably isn't a country anywhere that doesn't have a representative living in the Bay area. This means a rich brew of cultures and cultural myths and legends. Maybe that's why Mess of Geckos is so heavily weighted in paranormal and fantasy titles. There are three paranormal/fantasy series and one contemporary romance (remember magic of love). San Francisco Vampires is a series of 8 books about the golden hearted Lilly Goodwill (vampire) and her coterie of friends. Expect to run into Djinn, more Vampires, Witches, Warlocks, Were  Wolves, Demons. and Hell Hounds, fun and lively reads.

Stained is darker with a serious tone, about Thorn, a natural born witch and the detective investigating a serial killer.

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glasses on a digital reading tablet
glasses on a digital reading tablet