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Magik or magic, we know that the best way to express something you can't see is to use story, metaphor, trope , or a mash-up of a cautionary tale. 

Classic magic, high concept or epic fantasy, whatever name you want to give it, there's plenty for everyone in The Fae Wars series. The first book, Grace Notes will be available in its new format with a special bonus Oct. 3rd. Pick up the first book and find yourself in a fairy tale—or faery tale.

Lunabel O'Hara has a secret. And Jeremy Fields need to know it. The trouble starts when a Fae princess disappears and a human girl has to find her. Cantata continues the saga, a coming of age, epic battle between dark forces and light. Lunabel needs back up and she and her new friend, a friend of Amazonian skills and size has her back. Now they just need to round up the usual white knights, Elves, Faeries, Valkaries, Trolls and most species of Fae, good and bad to mysterious world of Sanctuary free. The series is based on Tam Lin a faery tale from the mists of Scotland.

Dive in, follow the overwhelming challenges for  a white knight and his lady love's dangerous past,  in "Jude's Sweet Fire". Or thrill to the task of a player who is smitten by his lady's demand of proof that he has  mended his wandering ways in "Xander, Winter's Warmth". Or your series' favorite may be the adventures of a big alpha male and his need to overcome the battle with his frenemy, a hostile journalist, in "Ron, Fire and Ice". Then there is the  heartfelt desire for a second chance, in "Jakob" Hope Burns, can he resolve the heartbreak and turn back the clock?  Finally, follow a lost boy whose only chance is the love of a courageous woman,, in "Marcel, Redemption through Fire". 

Other tales of magic can be found in the Stained series about a witch from an ancient line of witches who operates a tattoo shop in downtown Berkeley. When her patrons start dying the law comes looking. But Thorn is already on the trail of a magical psychopath. With the help of her raven familiar and the police detective who's been sent to hunt down the killer she faces dangers that could leave them dead or standing to battle the evil that's been stalking her for years.

If your interest in the paranormal leans to the humorous side look no further than the San Francisco Vampires series. Lilly Goodwill is a vampire with a heart of gold and a cast of friends and enemies that tip the population of San Francisco towards the dead side. This favorite series will tickle your funny bone and pull your heart strings, while giving you a satisfying fix of magic.

These books provide exciting journeys of contemporary love, with a magic all of their own.


Amazon best selling San Francisco Vampires series, Author


Romance Like It's Never Been Played Before.

Our new hockey romance series will melt your heart and heat your dreamsSavannah, the old Southern lady of grace and elegance acquires a team of rugged hockey players. Most of them are thousands of miles and another continent away from home. Together they become a brotherhood of allies. They find the women they love in the least expected places and most unlikely ways.

Will they be able to score their greatest dreams? Or are they destined to be defeated by obstacles they can't control?

New Series Release

Jude's Sweet Fire


We all need a knight in shining armor, especially those of us who don't think we need one. Jude Christiansen, the captain of the Savannah Heat hockey team, understands the fine line between protection and possessiveness, and every skill available to him is needed when love is his goal. 

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Xander - Winter's Warmth


Xander Torgelson, has been in the perfect position to play among the puck bunnies. He is the consummate player, and Jude's best friend, but he's checked hard when he meets the woman who can melt his wintry heart. 

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Ron - Fire and Ice


Ron Lukowsky, is sideswiped by the ambition of a feisty television journalist. After a brief, mutually friendly beginning they are surrounded by intrigue and must find their way back to trust after they believe they have been betrayed.  The mob has other ideas and their love and their lives to defeat their enemies. 

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Jakob —Hope Burns


Swiss Right Winger, Jakob needs  a second chance...but he's playing with fire. 

The woman he can't get out of his mind walks back into his life. He's just got to get her to stay . Difficult when he doesn't have a clue and she's not talking.

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Marcel- redemption through fire.


Marcel is a lost boy on the road to losing his career and the only woman he has never loved. But his headlong rush to self destruction  rapidly burns his bridges while breaking her heart. 

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